21 shows are in danger of cancellation: Is your favorite one of them?

While many hit series have been renewed for the 2024-25 season, there are 21 series still sitting on the bubble.
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As May sweeps inches closer, networks are beginning to make moves in order to secure their schedules for the 2024-25 season. Many of the biggest series on broadcast have already been renewed for the next season; however, there are just as many hit series that are currently sitting on the bubble awaiting their fate. 

Nearing mid-April, there are a total of 21 series that have yet to be renewed leaving them sitting right on the fence. While many of these shows will likely live to see another day, the sad reality is that there are sure to be a handful of these shows that will not be coming back and will likely air their final seasons sometime this spring. 

That’s the hard reality of TV. Not every show can be renewed and there are always going to be series we want more of that the networks sadly walk away from. So which shows are in jeopardy at the moment and are waiting to hear their fate? Here are the 21 shows that have not yet been renewed and are in danger of being canceled: 

Accused (FOX)
All American (The CW)
All American: Homecoming (The CW)
Alert (FOX)
CSI: Vegas (CBS)
Elsbeth (CBS)
Extended Family (NBC)
Law and Order: Organized Crime (NBC)
Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC)
NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS)
Night Court (NBC)
Not Dead Yet (ABC)
Sight Unseen (The CW)
So Help Me Todd (CBS)
The Cleaning Lady (FOX)
The Conners (ABC)
The Equalizer (CBS)
The Great North (FOX)
The Rookie (ABC)
Walker (The CW)
Wild Cards (The CW)

Which shows are in the most danger? 

It’s always hard to predict exactly which shows could be canceled and which will be coming back for another season, but if there are any shows we fear could be in danger the most it’s by far those that are currently airing on The CW

The CW has been canceling shows left and right in recent years and I wouldn’t be surprised if the network canceled at least half of the shows that are currently sitting on the bubble, as much as I love All American it’s clear the show is nearing its natural conclusion and a final season could allow the show to tie up loose ends. It’s actually surprising that All American: Homecoming has made it this far amid The CW’s cancellations so it wouldn’t be shocking if its luck finally ran out. Walker could honestly go either way. Sight Unseen isn’t generating much buzz so fans shouldn’t be blindsided if the show is a one-and-done, while Wild Cards seems like a safe bet but with cards on the table we’re not sure we’d bet big on it.

Of the series on NBC, we’d be shocked if Law & Order: Organized Crime did not get at least one more season. While it was strange not to see the show renewed alongside NBC’s other Law & Order series, the network has a long-standing history with Wolf Entertainment and it seems likely the show will come back even if just for a final season. 

On the comedy front, Night Court seems like the most likely to get another season while it really could go either way for Lopez vs. Lopez and Extended Family. 

Over on FOX, Accused seems like a safe bet, but given FOX has yet to give the show a premiere date there is a chance it might simply be bumped to the 2024-25 lineup which means its bubble status would essentially carry over over into the next season. 

Of the bubble shows that are airing, Alert and The Cleaning Lady could really go either way. Both series have been down in ratings this year and I’ll confess my interest in The Cleaning Lady has taken a hit this season as the show simply isn’t the same without Adan Canto. The series is in an impossible place, but the pivot has been a hard one as Canto truly was one of the driving forces behind the series alongside lead Elodie Yung. 

The one FOX show that seems least likely to be renewed is The Great North which is pulling in the weakest ratings on the network

ABC has handed out a lot of renewals already with just three series on the bubble. The Rookie seems like the safest bet to return given it remains a staple on the network and it seems unlikely ABC wouldn’t at least give the show a final season. The same goes for The Conners which we imagine will get a final season order from ABC. The only bubble show that really seems to be on the fence is Not Dead Yet, but like the show’s title, I don’t think the series is dead yet at ABC, and have a good feeling it will return. 

And finally, we have CBS. The network has five series on the bubble and the network has proven to be quite the wildcard lately. Of the shows on the bubble, NCIS: Hawai’i seems like the safest show. NCIS has already been renewed and another spinoff is in the works which could potentially give CBS a three-hour NCIS block for the fall. 

CSI: Vegas remains a solid performer and is another veteran brand, so we imagine it’ll be coming back for another season. Elsbeth also is likely to get a renewal as it opened strong and is part of a strong brand for CBS as the second spinoff to come from The Good Wife franchise. 

The two shows I fear the most for are So Help Me Todd and The Equalizer. Queen Latifah is quite a big name and it’s honestly surprising she’s remained with the show for as many seasons as she has, so there is always a chance she could want to move on to pursue other ventures at this stage in the show’s history. Then there is So Help Me Todd, which I love as a fan but CBS has made me anxious about second-year shows as there have been many amazing series that failed to secure a third season.

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