Who was supposed to host the Golden Globes? Turns out there was only one plan in place

81st Golden Globe Awards - Show
81st Golden Globe Awards - Show / Rich Polk/Golden Globes 2024/GettyImages

Golden Globes host Jo Koy flopped hard during his opening monologue leaving many to wonder whether he was the backup host due in part to a comment made during the monologue about a lack of prep time. So what gives?

Well, let's clear something up right out of the gate, Jo Koy was not a backup host and did not replace another host that CBS had lined up. While he's not a household name and most certainly did not wow the audiences at home, he was not a backup or replacement host. Koy was the only host that CBS had announced and was not a last-minute replacement, but his monologue might have made you think he was.

During his monologue at the start of the Golden Globes, Koy made a joke about only having 10 days to prep for the job which is true as he was only just recently announced as host. However, this was not because CBS had to replace another host who backed out.

There is a lot of speculation that finding a host for the event was a difficult task with some outlets hinting that no one wanted the gig, which is fair. The Golden Globes have been plagued with controversy in recent years with some stars boycotting the event in recent years including some of last year's nominees in the top categories.

Considering the early reactions from those at home and in attendance, we have a feeling Koy won't be asked back to host again next year which honestly we're in support of.