Will Taylor Swift be at the Emmys?

Taylor Swift was present at the Golden Globes event, but should Swifties be expecting to see her tonight at the Emmys?
81st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
81st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals / Lionel Hahn/GettyImages

Tonight, the stars of TV will come together at the Peacock Theater in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the best in television at TV's biggest night. Fans are eager to see their favorite celebs hit the red carpet and to see who exactly will be in attendance for this year's big event.

There are a lot of celebrities expected to hit the red carpet and attend the Emmys tonight, but sadly fans shouldn't be expecting to see Taylor Swift at the Emmys this evening.

Although Swift could make a surprise appearance, Swift is not expected to attend tonight's 75th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and there is one major reason for this. While Swift was in attendance at the Golden Globes, this was because the Globes celebrate both TV and movies and her Eras Tour film was nomintated in one of the night's movie categories.

Swift attended the Globes as a nominee and there is a chance she might be at the Oscars as well if her Eras Tour film by chance picks up any nominations at this year's Oscars. However, as the Emmys only celebrate television, the Eras Tour film was not ellible to be nominated which means Swift is not a nominee tonight and therefore is not expected to be attending the event.

Taylor Swift is an Emmy winner

While Taylor Swift is not expected to attend the 75th Annual Emmy Awards on Jan. 15, Swift does have a history with the Television Academy's annual awards celebrating the best in TV.

Back in 2015, Swift became an Emmy winner when she took home the Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - Original Interactive Program for AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience.

Surprisingly, while Swift won an Emmy the first year she was nominated for the award, she's failed to have the same luck at the Oscars and Golden Globes. While Swift has been nominated four times at the Golden Globes and Oscars, she's yet to take home a win at either of the two major awards.

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