Is True Detective In Danger of Alienating Women?


When the season 2 casting rumors started rolling around we originally thought that we would be treated to three female leads. That’s not so much the case anymore, with the current rumor having only a single male lead. The hard-boiled cop and noir genre from which True Detective springs from is famous for being heavily male-centric, and there’s really no denying that the first season lacked strong, fleshed-out female characters. It would be a shame if True Detective were known in the future for not having strong female characters, as it’s a problem that is seen throughout films and television. It may not seem like such a problem, but it’s indicative of a larger issue.

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Frankly, the idea of a female detectives leading this season sounded like an exciting change of pace. The first season was unable to pass the Bechdel test, which measures the level of female interaction, among other things. It’s important to note that many forms of media and entertainment fail this test. Of course forms of entertainment are not required to represent female characters, and we have to take the creator’s true intentions to heart. It is difficult to believe, however, that there isn’t room on True Detective for a few driven female characters.

This all may seem like putting the cart before the horse since we don’t know the actual situation yet. But it is a real issue, and it’s something that True Detective could avoid. Would a lack of serious female characters have an effect on your viewing habits? Would it be something that you take note of? The story certainly doesn’t have to suffer from it, so keep that in mind.