True Detective Cast: America Ferrera Would Accept Season 2 Role


With the success of True Detective, we’re starting to learn more and more about famous people who love the show just as much as we do and the connection is something that fans take to heart. But what they also tend to do is connect actors and actresses to the show after someone mentions an affection for it and it doesn’t help when they say they wouldn’t mind being on the show.

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This is the case with actress America Ferrera, who recently spoke about her love for the HBO show and possible plans that could arise in the future.

Ferrera spoke with Yahoo! Movies and noted that she was not only a huge fan of the show but wouldn’t mind being in it if she were ever asked to be.

"I loved the first season, I love doing drama as well as light-hearted, comedic stuff. When I chose something it’s all about the character; someone juicy to play! But sure! If they call me and offer it of course I would consider it!With names such as Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone being thrown around, series creator is no closer to revealing who he has in mind for the gritty role/s, and even if he did, he seems to be playing his cards mightily close to him chest on this one."

No one is saying that Ferrera will be cast in the show, but this just goes to show that whoever says they love the show is liekly going to get mentioned in rumors about the cast even if they’re completely unfounded rumors.