True Detective Dream Director: George Clooney


This might seem like an odd one. Though George Clooney would likely make a fine addition to True Detective’s cast, that’s not what brings us here today. More than his acting prowess, it’s Clooney’s directing skills that make him a more likely candidate. His films Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Good Night and Good Luck and The Ides of March all have a quiet, subtle power behind them. Even though Clooney has a role in every film that he directs, it’s possible that he’d be willing to step back for True Detective.

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If there’s one thing that those three films have in common it’s that they all have a touch of noir to them. Even Good Night and Good Luck, which is based on true events, is shot like an old noir film. If True Detective continues in that direction, and there is currently no reason to think that it won’t, Clooney has a fair amount of experience leading it.

Every film that Clooney has had an acting role in every film that he’s directed, making this particular match even less likely. George Clooney directing and starring in True Detective? Not likely to happen.