True Detective Dream Casting: Uma Thurman


Since we currently have two male leads on the running for season 2 we’re going to focus a little more on the possible female side of things. A case for Uma Thurman was previously made in our Tarantino Special, but it’s time to explore that option a little more. It’s looking more and more likely that season 2 will have four well known leads, so we ‘re now left to ponder what direction they’re going to take it.

So far the casting rumors have been balanced by Colin Farrel and the slightly lesser known Taylor Kitsch. If the trend proves true of casting two major players and two lesser known stars, Uma Thurman should be seriously considered. Although she hasn’t done a lot of television work outside of several TV movies, she did appear in an Emmy nominated role in NBC’s Smash back in 2012, and with seemingly no roles lined up she could conceivably have the time to do it. Assuming the interest is there, of course.

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It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that she would, either — she’s been a supporter of more artistic works for a long time and even appears in Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. Assuming we’re all familiar with her work in Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, her credentials hardly need stating. She has the attitude and dramatic background that would be necessary for True Detective.

Would you be open to Uma Thurman starring in True Detective? We don’t know how Pizzolatto is going to go about filling the rest of the roles, but it would be a very exciting thing to see Thurman’s acting showcased over what should be a very dramatic season.