Rumor: True Detective Season 2 Details Leak


Creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto has only recently begun to slowly lift the lid on season 2, but it looks like we have our first serious leak. Film Divider claims to have a few choice details concerning Season 2’s plot. As with all True Detective rumors it should go without saying to take this with a grain of salt and even if it is true details can change at the drop of a hat. The timing, however, is interesting — now that we’re being spoon-fed details it makes sense that some things would begin to slip out. Not unlike a leaky faucet.

The details range from the vague the specific, even going as far to outline some of the character’s problems. For instance, Colin Farrel’s character — the article places his casting as fact — has “terrible problems with cocaine and anger management.” It should be assumed at this point that all Pizzolatto character leads will have various issues, so that’s no surprise.

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The meat and potatoes comes in the form of seemingly concrete plot details:

"“…part of the mystery will involve California’s transportation systems. This plot will involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants.”"

Sounds juicy.

For those that enjoyed the occult dabbling of the first season, Film Divide asserts that this will return as well in much the same capacity. It would do you well to not get too attached to these rumors, so perhaps keep them in the back of your mind just in case. You can check out the full article here, but beware there are enough specifics to consider it spoiler territory.