True Detective Dream Casting: Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender seems like such an obvious choice for True Detective that it would be hard to believe if it turns out he was never in the running. For all we currently know, he could be in talks with Pizzolatto right now.

It’s fun to dream.

Fassbender has emerged as a serious dramatic actor, making waves as the young Magneto in the recent bout of X-Men films. Beyond that, he’s turned in notable performances in 2011’s Shame and 2013’s 12 Years a Slave. He’s not exactly known for acting in True Detective-esque roles, but his work in The Counselor and Inglorious Bastards get close to the True Detective tone.

It’s also worth noting that he was a major player in the most recent Jane Eyre adaptation which was directed by none-other than Cary Fukunaga, the True Detective director himself. Fassbender usually brings a subdued nature to his characters, and you could rarely accuse him of over-acting. His powerful dramatic chops make him a prime candidate for the sort of tortured soul that Pizzolatto seems to favor.

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Although it doesn’t have many admirers, his role as the android David in Prometheus is of show-stopping quality. Regardless of what you think of the film itself, it’s impossible to argue with Fassbender’s deliciously quirky performance.

It’s a match that looks very nice on paper, but the timing could be problematic; Fassbender is heavily involved in the X-Men franchise and is currently filming Trespass Against Us. If 2014 is out, maybe we can try season 3 instead?