Will We Learn More about True Detective Season 2 Before the 2014 Emmy’s?


There was a point not so long ago when the answer to that question would have been a quick and obvious “well, yeah!” But now maybe that should be amended with an “I think.”

We are one day off from being exactly one month until the Emmy’s and we are without a cast and, really, a concrete plot. It’s no longer unreasonable to believe that we may be waiting another month for more details. HBO statements about reviving more information “next week” have come and gone. What’s the deal?

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At this point we are likely looking at a situation in which we will be handed all of the information at once. It was originally possible that the details were going to be announced piecemeal, but considering the length of time that has already passed it seems more likely that we’ll learn all the pertinent details at once. There’s also the fact that casting is likely not yet finished, we might not be looking at an announcement until Emmy time.

Of course, that could have been the plan all along. True Detective is nominated for several high-profile awards, and a season 2 announcement to coincide with the show — perhaps even a week before — would get True Detective back into the public conscious in a big way.

It looks like we’re in this now for the long-haul. How do you feel about waiting so long for an announcement? Does Fargo’s recent announcement make you jealous?