Matthew McConaughey surprises Comic Con to promote Interstellar


Comic Con was this weekend but HBO didn’t bring one of it’s best series to a panel despite there likely being some pull behind making such a thing happen. True Detective didn’t show up at Comic Con but it’s star did as Matthew McConaughey showed up to help promote his upcoming film Interstellar.

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It was an unplanned appearance, one of many over the course of the weekend, and it was one that many Trie Detective fans were hoping to see, even if the show itself wasn’t discussed at all during the panel appearance.

McConaughey was joined on stage by director Christopher Nolan, which further bumped up the actor’s screen-cred as he continues to make absolutely brilliant decisions with his career. While people may eventually tire of everything getting tied back to True Detective, the fact of the matter is that McConaughey’s bubbling career renaissance popped in a big way when he did the HBO show, so like it or not everything he does post-True Detective is going to be in some way tied back to the series.

It’s not a bad thing either, as for many of his haters, True Detective was the show that made them fans of McConaughey’s again which further deepens the lore that the show has and the eternal connection to McConaughey’s career.