Rumor: Christian Bale turned down True Detective role?


After reviving the career of Matthew McConaughey and earning multiple Emmy nominations, you’d think that a role on True Detective would be what any actor would want to make sure they get the kind of exposure that was seen in season one.

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Christian Bale is apparently not interested in securing that kind of help for his career as he’s not only not interested in doing True Detective but he reportedly turned producers who approached him down.

According to BREATHEcast, HBO may or may not have reached out to Christian Bale who may or may not have turned them down when it comes to the lead role in the second season of the show.

"Latest reports stated that HBO contacted Christian Bale for the lead role in Season 2 to replace either McConaughey or Harrelson. However, it is said that Bale refused the role, as he leaned towards ‘The Deep Blue Good-By’ – a film adaptation of John D. McDonald’s novel having the same title."

Not having True Detective at Comic Con really put a clamp on recent rumors we’ve been hearing about the cast, as the reports of Colin Farrell joining the cast in the lead role have gone wide spread yet remain unconfirmed by HBO. That’s something that could have been settled at Comic Con had the show been brought there but that wasn’t the case.

Either way, Bale turning down the show isn’t surprising as he digs deep into his roles and dedicating that much time to one role would take away from his ability to prepare for upcoming films he has lined up, which is something we all want to see anyways so it’s not that big of a loss.