Watch: Matthew McConaughey makes Comic Con debut (Video)


Comic Con has come and gone already but we saw one of the stars of True Detective make an appearance on a panel to help promote his new film.

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For the first time ever, Oscar winner and Emmy Award nominee Matthew McConaughey graced the hallowed halls of Hall H at Comic Con and True Detective fans everywhere took a moment to realize just how far Rust Cohle has brought McConaughey’s career.

Check out the first ever appearance at Comic Con for Matthew McConaughey, as he trotted out to discuss his upcoming film with Christopher Nolan called Interstellar:

There were many who were hoping that Comic Con would welcome McConaughey as part of a True Detective Panel, but that never happened as HBO didn’t bring the series to San Diego this year. Despite that, the show was represented by McConaughey who will forever represent the show in everything his does from now until he retires or dies.

It was True Detective that was the Nirvana moment for McConaughey’s career as he had been banging up against the door hard over the last few years but blew the hinges off with his performance in True Detective. It’s a performance that many even say helped win him an Oscar and it’s going to be a performance we revisit more and more as the Emmy Awards near next month.

For now though, McConaughey is just happy living it up at Comic Con and maybe he’ll return some day to talk about the HBO series that helped solidify him as a true star.