Will We Ever See True Detective at Comic Con?


The San Diego Comic-Con took place over this past weekend and saw major showings from various nerd-approved films and series. Among those were Game of Thrones and NBC’s Hannibal, which seems to have found a comfy place in the hearts of nerds. The San Diego flavored version of the con is the largest and most popular version in the states, with many productions giving fans a first-look and upcoming projects. If Comic-Con can house both Game of Thrones and Hannibal, there’s no reason why fans wouldn’t also embrace True Detective with open arms.

But is that something that could ever happen?

Matthew McConaughey made a surprise inaugural visit this year, but it was in relation to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar and not True Detective related. True Detective has all the hallmarks of a great Comic-Con show, but there are many facets that have to be taken into consideration for an appearance to happen.

The final decision most likely comes from HBO, but there is also creator Nic Pizzolatto to take into consideration. Pizzolatto just may not be comfortable in a con setting. As the sole writer and creator, it’s obvious that True Detective is a labor of love, but that would also translate to more spotlight at a con and higher expectations. And that’s maybe not the direction that Pizzolatto and HBO want to go in when handling True Detective.

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We also have issues of content. Since Pizzolatto is the only writer on the show, there just might not be very much to present at a con.  On the other side of that particular coin, we’re all reasonably sure that the True Detective team have at the very least a strict plot outline that could have made a large plash at the convention. And then there’s always the Q&A that could have easily filled a panel’s length of time and allowed the fans to interact with Pizzolatto on a more personal level — if he’s into that sort of thing.

Considering how delicately HBO has been treading True Detective, they are obviously aware that they have something powerful and fragile on their hands that’s going to take time and care to grow. That doesn’t make it any easier to ignore the fact that True Detective would have made a killing.Hopefully True Detective will someday be ready to jump in the convention pool, but right now that’s an avenue that HBO and Pizzolatto would rather avoid.

How would a True Detective panel at a convention sound to you? Or would you rather things stay as private as they currently are?