Rooney Mara lead True Detective in its second season, so it's ..."/> Rooney Mara lead True Detective in its second season, so it's ..."/>

True Detective Dream Actor: Noomi Rapace


We recently explored what it would be like to see Rooney Mara lead True Detective in its second season, so it’s only fair to take a look at her Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo original. Rapace first began to make waves after her outstanding performance as Lisbeth Salander — the same role that Mara would play in the 2011 David Fincher remake. Since then, she’s appeared in a few English-speaking roles, including high-profile roles in Prometheus and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. In multiple films Rapace has proven that she’s a compelling dramatic force and a strong leading actor. A turn in True Detective would be just what the series needs to help strengthen the female roles in season two.

To see Rapace truly shine, you need to see her work in the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its two sequels. If, however, you’re not found of subtitles and can’t stand a dub track, Prometheus is your next best bet. Prometheus has proven to be something of a divisive film, but both side can pretty much agree that Rapace isn’t part of the problem.

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As the lead actor, Rapace had to fill shoes that were previously worn by the beloved Segourney Weaver. Even if director Ridley Scott wanted to ultimately distance Prometheus from Alien, the comparisons to Weaver’s Ellen Ripley are simply unavoidable. They’re more than welcome, as Rapace proves that she’s more than capable of picking up the mantle. She is the driving emotional force of the film, and she never once falters. That’s the kind of force we need in season two.

Anyone that previously accused the first season of lacking strong female characters wasn’t necessary wrong, — there is some room for debate here, but not much — and casting someone like Noomi Rapace in the second season would be a welcome and bold answer to those claims. Beyond that, she’s just a fantastic actor with undeniable presence. Where Rooney Mara usually creates and icy effect, Rapace brings warmth. They both have their merits, and in the entirely fantasy version of the show, we’d make room for both.