Does True Detective Now Have its Season Two Cast?


We’re at an interesting point when it comes to season two news. We haven’t actually gotten a single official confirmation on any casting, but it feels like a lot has been happening. As of this morning, we now have Elisabeth Moss to throw into the ring of potential season two stars. That leaves us with four: Taylor Kitsch, Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, and now Moss. Details have been sketchy on just how many leads we can expect, but the word from writer/creator Nic Pizzolatto is four. Assuming all four of the above names have or will sign on, we now have all of our leads.

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This would be a nice way to wrap everything up with a bow. Moss is just the kind of actor that season two needs, and she’s free now that Mad Men is finishing up. Regardless of what you think of the names that have come up before, it’s difficult to argue against Moss. It would be a funny sort of thing to have learned of these casting choices before any official announcement, and that may be what’s happening here. We could be up for some huge surprises when the cast is formally announced, or possibly not at all.