True Detective Creator Nic Pizzolatto Defends Against Plagarism Accusation


It would appear that creator/writer Nic Pizzolatto has come under fire for plagiarism. The alleged plagiarism involves Rust’s now famous philosophical musings and the writer cult writer Thomas Ligotti, though other authors are mentioned having been lifted from. When something gets as huge as quickly as True Detective has gotten there are going to be issues. Whether deserved or not, things that skyrocket in popular culture become major targets. Coming as no surprise, Pizzolatto has released a statement denying the allegations:

"“Nothing in the television show True Detective was plagiarized…The philosophical thoughts expressed by Rust Cohle do not represent any thought or idea unique to any one author…”"

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HBO also came out in his support. Pizzolatto has in the past stated that Cohle was inspired by many authors, including the aforementioned Ligotti. While not everyone is happy with Pizzolatto’s stance, things mostly likely will not move forward and it’s unlikely that this will have any great effect on True Detective. Writers frequently borrow from other writers. It’s an unfortunate bump in the road, if nothing else.

You can check out Entertainment Weekly for the full story and details.

Does this alter your opinion of True Detective or Pizzolatto at all?