Elisabeth Moss Plays Coy with USA Today Over True Detective Casting


USA Today sat down with Elisabeth Moss as part of the press tour for her new film, The One I Love. USA Today tried to dig up more info on what everyone wants to know, whether or not Moss is going to be a part of True Detective’s second season.

When asked if she was going to appear in the series, The One I Love co-star Mark Duplass added that he probably knows more than she does at this point. That’s not especially encouraging either way, but when asked if she’d actually been approached things get a bit more interesting. Moss had this to say:

"“I can’t even…it’s…you know…Not in the way everyone is talking about, honestly. I had to ask my own people, ‘Have you not told me something?’”"

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Moss goes on to say that she’s a fan of the show and is flattered that she could be associated with it.  If she hasn’t been approached the way that we’ve been thinking, perhaps she’s not destined for a lead role after all. All we know for sure is that HBO is interested in having her, and she seems interested in the prospect.

You can read the entire (fairly short) exchange over at USA Today.