Why True Detective will revive Vince Vaughn’s career


The second season of True Detective is right around the corner from starting production, and that means that the cast that hasn’t yet officially been announced but likely soon will be, are going to get endlessly analyzed until we figure out just how well they’re all going to work together.

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Perhaps the most intriguing bit of casting is that of Vince Vaughn, who has gone from being a comedic actor to trying his hand at dramatic arts and that’s exactly why he’s going to be brilliant on True Detective.

Think about it, Vaughn is a talented actor — whether you want to admit that or not — and he has the posturing of Matthew McConaughey pre-season one of the show. No one really took McConaughey that seriously but he was starting to come around and distance himself from his romantic comedy past.

That’s what Vaughn has a chance to do here, as he’s been staring in nothing but lame movies for the better part of the a decade, with a few occasional hits here and there. But he’s an extremely talented actor outside of comedy, and that’s something that playing the villain on True Detective can help display to the world.

It may not create a Vaughn-enaissance like we saw with Matthew McConughey, but it may very well put him on the map in a way he hasn’t before and it could lead to the type of dramatic resurgence that his career needs at the moment.