Who is Thomas Ligotti and why is he connected to True Detective?


The first season of True Detective blew away fans and critics alike, but it also angered the cult following of legendary horror author Thomas Ligotti. The reason for this is that allegations of plagiarism have arisen in recent weeks, stating that True Detective series creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto stole ideas and quotes from Ligotti’s work.

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While True Detective fans are getting defensive about the allegations, the question has come up as to just who Thomas Ligotti is.

The very fact that we have to ask ourselves that question is a crime, as Ligotti is one of the most talented authors of this generation, but he’s also a notorious recluse and a man who lives by his own rules of literature. That’s what makes him such an amazing cult figure though,  but it’s one of the reasons no one knows why he’s such a big deal in this matter.

Ligotti is a true talent, and there’s no reason for True Detective fans to hate him or think down on him over this scandal. It’s not Ligotti making the allegations, it’s one of his fans and that’s key here. It probably doesn’t tickle Ligotti that he might be getting ripped off, but the bottom line is the allegations aren’t serious enough to rouse Ligotti out of hiding and that’s sort of vindication for Pizzolatto.

He shouldn’t be proud that his association to Ligotti is via plagiarism allegations, but True Detective fans should embrace Ligotti and his work, not chastise it or keep it at a defensive distance.