Will plagiarism scandal affect True Detective Emmy bid?


The Emmy awards are just around the corner and it’s looking like True Detective might be a lock to win some of the biggest awards of the night. But while the series is one of the hottest shows of the year, a recent scandal may affect the chances the show has of winning as many Emmy’s as possible.

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No one is going to discount Matthew McConaughey’s brilliant performance, but there’s a chance that the plagiarism scandal may turn some voters off to the pristine image the show has had up to this point.

So far, there has been no indication that the plagiarism scandal is anything but a flavor of the week story, but we’ve seen extracurricular activity affect award races in the past, and none have been as serious as plagiarism accusations. There seems to be little actual proof linking Nic Pizzolatto to plagiarism, but speculation may be all that is needed to sway voters in this crucial period of Emmy voting.

Hopefully, this doesn’t affect the voting process too much, but you can never be certain and it’s something that needs to be considered as the final votes are turned in and tallied ahead of television’s big night.