When will True Detective Season 2 begin filming?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is right around the corner but fans haven’t been clued into just when to expect most of the information about the second season as most of it remains as big a mystery as the storyline of the first season.

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But while we’re starting to hear more about the potential cast of the show, another nagging question is when we can expect to see cameras begin to roll on the new season of True Detective. So far, no official word has been given on when the season will begin but we have a pretty good idea of when the season will begin filming.

If the series is going to premiere in early 2015, then the cast and everything needs to be announced rather soon, but it’s starting to sound like a later date in 2015 will be when True Detective premieres. If that’s the case, then cameras won’t have to roll until much later in the year, which means a production start date of late 2014 wouldn’t be all that crazy to consider.

The bottom line is that True Detective doesn’t know when it’s going to premiere yet, but cameras will begin rolling soon and that’s really all fans want in the end.