What if True Detective season 2 isn’t any good?


The second season of True Detective is going to be premiering in 2015 and fans everywhere are under the assumption that the show is going to be good for a second straight year. But there’s no guarantees in television and there are such things as flukes when it comes to hit shows.

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HBO usually doesn’t have flukey shows that are hits one season and then trickle off the next, but there’s a first time for everything and the hype surrounding the new season of True Detective has the chance to backfire on everyone looking forward to the series.

It’s not something that people are betting on, but the cast of the second season is eclectic, to say the least, and it’s a gamble for HBO. Colin Farrell seems like a legit lead, Vince Vaughn as the villain is inspired but potentially brilliant and both Elisabeth Moss and Taylor Kitsch are looking they can use the show to boost their A-List cred.

But there’s a chance that the delicate balance of the cast might not work, and that’s a risk that HBO is running with and it’s one of the reasons we love what the network does on a yearly basis.