Will True Detective get snubbed at Emmy Awards?


This past season of True Detective was one of the surprise hits of the year, and it has resulted in more than a few Emmy nominations in the process. But the question of whether or not the show is going to get snubbed is still relevant as the awards haven’t been handed out yet and there’s still a chance that the show doesn’t win everything is should.

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One of the biggest categories is Best Actor in a Drama and Matthew McConaughey is looking like a favorite to win but he’s not the only titian in the category. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in television history and this is the final year that Bryan Cranston is eligible to win the Emmy for his role as Walter White.

That’s something that could cause McConaughey to lose out on the Emmy but it’s not the only thing working against the show. The recent plagiarism scandal may swing some voters away from the show and cause True Detective to fall behind in categories for writing.

Of course, that’s all an assumption, but True Detective has gained a lot of enemies in the way it’s carried itself in this Emmy process and while many love the show, it doesn’t take a lot to spoil a show’s chances at the Emmy’s.