True Detective Takes Home Emmy for Best Titles Design, Best Casting


In a part of the Emmy’s that’s not televised, awards are given in categories that the network assumes most people wouldn’t care too much about it. Time needs to be cut somewhere, after all. It’s at this smaller ceremony for the Creative Warts that True Detective took home its first four Emmy wins for Best Casting, Cinematography, Makeup in a Single-cam Series, and Best Title Design. This is a strong start for True Detective.

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Fargo took home Best Casting in a Miniseries, which further fuels the question of which series would actually win if they were forced to go head-to-head. It may not have been televised, and there is likely to be little fanfare, but True Detective officially took home four Emmy’s this evening.

The larger Emmy event is set to take place on August 25th. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are both up for Best Actor in a Drama, and Cary Fukunaga is up for best director. That’s only a scant few out of many other nominations. You can see the rest of the winners at Variety.

Edit: An earlier version of this piece listed incorrect wins.