Do Creative Emmys wins hint at a Primtime Emmy sweep?


The Emmy Awards are this upcoming Monday, which means we have less than a week until we find out if True Detective can hold its own against the very best of the best in this past year of television.

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When it comes to the Creative Emmy Awards, True Detective has already collected some hardware and it may be a hint towards what will happen on Monday. One of the Creative Emmys that the show took home was for Best Casting, which is something that was not only obvious but could also signal a win in the category on Monday for the show.

Matthew McConaughey seems like he might be a lock for a win but the Creative Emmy for Best Casting seems like it only further cements the idea that voters are in love with his performance and with the show.

The next award that could stem from that is Best Drama, which True Detective is also up for. Breaking Bad seems like the favorite to win, since it’s the last season the show is eligible for the Emmy Awards but the Creative Emmy for Best Casting seems to nudge True Detective into the lead.

Of course. it could be that the Creative Emmys are no determining factor in the final Emmy tallies, but they can’t be discounted at this point as anything is possible.