Elisabeth Moss says ‘No Hard Truth’ to True Detective Rumors


The second season of True Detective is going to be coming soon and production on the show is going to start ramping up in the near future. But so far there has been no official word on the second season and the rumors are building with no one to separate fact from fiction.

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One name that has been attached to the new season of the show is Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss, but she has yet to lean in a positive direction when it comes to confirming these rumors of her involvement with the show.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Moss not only laughs off the rumors that she’s joining the cast of the show, she stops short of flat out denying there’s any truth to it.

"No, no, it’s always flattering—I’m obviously a fan of the show, I think it’s brilliant and it was done so well. It’s always flattering to be mentioned for a job…"

She then continued to deliver the biggest blow yet, stating that there’s no hard truth to the rumor that she’s involved with the second season of True Detective.

"So there’s no hard truth to it, necessarily, but it’s always flattering."

This isn’t a total denial about the show but it’s also far from a confirmation as well. What it really means is that if Moss isn’t in on the cast yet the way it’s been reported, then what can we believe about what has been reported about the so-called cast?