The Outcome of the Emmy’s Doesn’t Matter for True Detective


The above headline does not indicate that we’re not rooting for True Detective all the way. Quite the contrary, we believe that True Detective is a heavy hitter and deserves just about all the accolades that it can collect. In the grander scheme of things, however, the outcome of the 2014 Emmy’s matters very little for True Detective.

True Detective entered the cultural zeitgeist far before the Emmy nominations were even announced. A nomination can go a long way to getting a series some prestige, regardless of the fairness of the awards themselves. But even though the nomination boost is nice, it’s not something that True Detective ever particularly needed.

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Fast forward to a few days ago, when True Detective took home a total of four Emmy’s as part of the Creative Arts ceremony. It’s always a big deal when a new series can turn so many heads, and the Creative Arts Emmy’s offered possibly the best chance for True Detective to shine.

When it come to the upcoming event on August 25th, True Detective’s chances will be heavily tested. Regardless of the outcome, however, True Detective has already made its point and has proven itself as a lasting creative force. Even if True Detective goes home empty-handed, it does already have four wins under its belt.

The Emmy’s can frequently be a place for a series to prove itself, but True Detective has already gotten there.