HBO confrims Multiple Directors, Not Ready to Name Anyone


The second season of True Detective is right around the corner but as much anticipation as there is for the cast to be announced, there’s equal curiosity about who will be directing the whole thing.

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According the Hollywood Reporter, HBO confirmed this week that the show is indeed going to go with more than one director this season but it’s not something the show is ready to announce in terms of names attached to direct.

"Unlike the crime drama’s first season, which was directed in its entirety by Cary Fukunaga, Lombardo said he thought they’d use “three or four different directors” this time around, without naming any potential candidates."

There have been names mentioned as possible directors and fantasies had about which big name Hollywood director would be the best for the job, but so far HBO is keeping things under wraps for now. When the cast is announced, we can likely expect to hear something about a director as well, but for now it’s looking like HBO knows what they’re doing but isn’t ready to share with True Detective fans just this yet.