HBO says True Detective Season 2 Scripts are ‘Exceptional’


The second season of True Detective is right around the corner and fans are anxiously waiting to see who the new cast will be and what the new story will be about.

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It appears that the scripts have indeed been turned in for the new season of the show, and HBO absolutely loves what they are seeing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO programming director Michael Lombardo believes that the show is better than it was last year, as the scripts he read are ‘exceptional’.

"“When you have a success like True Detective it’s challenging, less for us and more for someone like Nic, how to face the page again and start afresh and not be haunted by the success of the show you’ve just done,” he said. “But the writing is better than last season. It’s exceptional.”"

This is fantastic news, as there is a ton of expectations about the new season of the show, thanks to there being a lot to live up. But if the scripts are that solid, than all of the the talk about the second season needing to live up to the first might be pointless as it’s a different story and a different cast — with apparently exceptional scripts to boot.