Matthew McConaughey loses Best Actor in a Drama to Bryan Cranston


After months of wondering if Matthew McConaughey would be able to pull off history, the Emmy Awards have snubbed the actor and taken that chance at history away. Had McConaughey won the Emmy for best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, he would have been the first actor to win an Oscar and an Emmy for leading roles in the same year.

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But Bryan Cranston just had to go off and give us one of the most memorable and intense character in television history and derail McConaughey’s chances. That’s hard to contend with though, as Walter White was the role of a lifetime for Cranston and no one can be upset that he took home the Emmy in the last year of being able to for that role.

Still, to counter that argument, this is the final year that mcConaughey can win for True Detective — because it’s the only year he can win. Unless he comes back to the series somehow, McConaughey won’t be winning the Emmy for True Detective, which sort of flies in the face of the logic that Cranston deserved the Emmy for that very reason.

He was more than deserving though, and as badly as True Detective fans wanted McConaughey to win, Cranston owned the role of Walter White and deserved to win the Emmy.