True Detective loses Best Drama Series Emmy


The Emmy Awards were tonight and the biggest awards in television were handed out to the best shows of the past year. But while some of the best shows were honored at the Emmys, not every show that was a hit this past year got the love it deserved and that’s the case for True Detective.

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After gaining a ton of steam down the stretch of the awards race, True Detective was snubbed of all but one Emmy that was handed out tonight, as the series lost out on the top prize of Best Drama Series.

Breaking Bad predictably took home the award, as it was the last year that the show was eligible to win, so we can’t get that mad. After all, the AMC series is one of the best shows to ever air on television, so it’s not like True Detective was beaten out by The Brady Bunch or anything like that.

Still, it stings a bit that the series was so good but still managed to lose the Emmy for Best Drama. That being said, this second season already sounds like it’s going to be amazing and that’s something that will come back around when the Emmys are handed out again next year.