True Detective wins Emmy for Best Director


While the Emmy Awards weren’t all that kind to Truer Detective, the series indeed got some love from the Academy in the form of a Best Directing Emmy.

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There was no Best Drama Emmy for the series or Emmys handed out to either Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson but the show at least went home with something to show for. Cary Fukunaga directed all of the first season episodes of True Detective and while the series missed on a Best Drama Emmy, Fukunaga winning for directing the entire season sort of feels like vindication.

It would have been nice to see the series pick up another major Emmy win, but let’s not discount how close to Best Drama Series the Best Director Emmy really is in this circumstance. Fukunaga was in charge of the entire season, unlike most of the competition he was up again. So rather than win for a single episode — which he technically did — the Best Director win feels more all encompassing than it does singular.

Best Director isn’t an award to sneeze at, especially considering Fukunaga is succeeding David Fincher as the winner, and it’s a mighty award for True Detective to put on it’s mantle.