Weird Al Had to Cut True Detective Bit for Time


Anyone tuning in to the 2014 Emmy’s on Monday night were treated to a lively show featuring what will hopefully the first of True Detective’s many appearances. Said viewers would also have seen Weird Al’s tribute to the trop drama’s of the season, featuring lyrics for opening instrumental themes.

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The obvious ones were chosen, such as Mad Men and Game of Thrones, but there were a couple that were left out. True Detective was one of the unlucky ones, having to be cut for time. Vulture goes more in depth with Weird Al’s surprise performance, in which he details what had to be cut:

"“We had a whole True Detective theme we cut two days ago. We had a Downton Abbey song that didn’t make it through the first draft. The Homeland one was longer, but we had to trim it down for time.”"

A Downton Abbey line also would have been appreciated, but you can’t please everyone. When asked what the True Detective portion of the song had in store, Al offered a single line:

"“One of the lines was, “It was like Starsky & Hutch — if Nietzsche had written it.”"

Oh, what could have been.