Did plagiarism allegations cost True Detective at Emmy Awards?


The Emmy Awards were not kind to True Detective as the hit show lost out on all of the major categories it was nominated for including Best Actor for both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

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No other show had two actors nominated in the same Drama category yet despite the extra odds True Detective still lost out. This has many wondering just what happened and why the show got snubbed so badly. A popular and growing theory is that the interestingly timed allegations of plagiarism had something to do with the Emmy losses.

Maggie Furlong from Yahoo! TV opines as much also, stating that voters may have heard about the plagiarism allegations at the wrong time no matter true or not.

"There were some pretty astonishing accusations of plagiarism against True Detective‘s creator and sole credited writer Nic Pizzolatto, and they just so happened to come out days before the final Emmys votes were due. True or not, refuted or not, the old “any press is good press” adage is not true when that press involves something as serious as plagiarism."

It’s possible too that Breaking Bad just deserved to win more than True Detective, but it’s worth mentioning at least that the plagiarism scandal might be harder hitting than we all thought. Even if it’s not true, the allegations are serious and it’s very possible that the voters gave True Detective a bad mark as a result.