True Detective: Cast still not confirmed for season two


The second season of True detective is right around the corner but we’re still waiting for confirmation on the cast which is making some fans a little uneasy about the production getting started on time.

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a lot of information was learned a week or so ago when Michael Lombardo spilled the beans on some of the behind the scenes happenings on True Detective but he was tight lipped about the cast. we’ve heard rumors about the cast up to this point but we haven’t heard anything concrete yet — and it remains that way as another month begins.

At the moment though, Colin Farrell is slated to play the lead in the series while Taylor Kitsch, Elisabeth Moss and Vince Vaughn are expected to fill out the main cast. But we’ve heard rumors about hte show’s casting in the past and all previous rumors have been false.

This all begs the question is whether or not what we heard back in July and August was true. It’s possible that these actors are indeed talking with HBO but so far nothing is official and until it is, True detective doesn’t have a cast and can’t start production — unless it secretly already has and we just don’t know about it.