Post-Emmy’s Season Two Breakdown: We Still Know Nothing


We thought that perhaps more season two information would have been released in time for the Emmy’s, but that has proven false. We have some confirmation on setting and air date (they want a summer show) but that’s about it. True Detective didn’t exactly clean up at The Emmy’s this year, perhaps due in part to the fact that it was submitted as a drama and not a mini-series. HBO may have been a little shortsighted on that one.

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The information that we do know for sure has all come from HBO head Michael Lombardo, and not creator Nic Pizzolatto. This may be part of a strategy, or it could mean that Pizzolatto doesn’t feel comfortable in that role.

We have so far been told twice that new information was coming soon, and both times things didn’t pan out. Which likely means that the production doesn’t have it all together yet.

It’s easy to speculate that things are slowly coming together behind the scenes and perhaps is being done in secret, but as time moves on it is seeming more likely that there just really isn’t all that much to keep secret. With an air date of summer 2015, HBO is certainly not in a rush.

Have you been frustrated so far with the lack of details? Or should we all have a “when it’s done” attitude?