Cary Fukunaga explains his directorial choices


True Detective didn’t walk away with many Emmy Awards from the primetime show but the one that they did win was a great one. Cary Fukunaga took home the Best Director for a Drama Series and it was well deserved, but now that he’s a winner fans are starting to dig deeper into who Fukunaga is and there’s a lot to likfe.

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Fukunaga elaborated in an interview that the choice to do Jayne Eyre, was because he doesn’t want to get pigeonholed as an artist.

"“I wanted to make my sophomore film as different as possible. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed. I didn’t want to be identifiable.”"

He also noted that making the film was an exercise to help him grow as a director, which helps explain his path to True Detective and his decision to direct the series.

"“It was an exercise,” he says, “to make a classic film. Great 20th-century painters learned the classics before they experimented with their medium. Picasso made these romantic-era style landscapes when he was a young artist in school. You need a mastery of craft to accomplish that. It’s easy to make something avant garde. To do something in the traditional way is much more brave in the sense that you’re your technique is so much more exposed because there’s not all this flashy stuff to distract the viewer.”"

Not many people knew who Fukunaga before he did True Detective but he’s becoming a house hold name and someone that True Detective fans are going to continue to follow.