HBO Sends Out the Craziest Edition of True Detective’s First Season You’ve Ever Seen


HBO has been more than kind to influential celebrities that are fans of its shows. This kinds manifests itself in the form of outrageous editions of bestselling series. The specific type of outrageous that you will never be likely to see. HBO has made it clear that they consider True Detective to be worthy of such treatment, as they sent Patton Oswalt an outright insane version of True Detective’s first season.

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Oswalt tweeted a pic of the set out to his followers, which, not to be cynical, is likely just what HBO had in mind. The set arrived in a beat-up box of the sort that one would usually store papers or files. Along with the set came a damaged evidence bag and a re-creation of one of the haunting stick figures.

It’s just the type of thing to raise the hair on the back of your neck, which is a major compliment. Although most people won’t be able to their hands on such an edition, it’s nice to see that HBO believes that True Detective is worth the effort. You can check out pics of the set at USA Today, plus see pics of past HBO crazy editions.