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Play the True Detective Choose Your Own Adventure Game, Lose Your Mind


True Detective fans have so far proven themselves to be a creative bunch. The series has inspired artwork, graffiti, and more spoofs than you can imagine. The world is so rich that it’s not difficult to see what the fans find so attractive. Enter the True Detective Choose Your Own Adventure game (CYOA) which is the perfect distillation of what greats fans are capable of when the lore they’re given is so rich.

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The game is simple and really only requires an imagination to play. All the rules are lore are set out for you, which detail your character as well as your character’s specific vice. The game visits the cult and occult themes a little heavier the show does, but it never strays too far from what the series gives you.

If you’re feeling like you need to take that last step and throw yourself fully into the world of True Detective, you can see the game here.  I’m fairly confident that there’s also a good drinking game that could be made out of it. Hopefully the second season will give the fans even more goodies to play around with.