True Detective Now Availble from Netflix


The second season of True Detective is coming down the line next year but that just means we’re going to be getting more and more people going back to see the first season of the show.

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The first season of true Detective blew critics and fans away and now everyone can enjoy the show even if they don’t have HBO or access to HBO Go. While the series has been available to buy since the summer, a whole new sect of television viewers can dig into the show thanks to Netflix.

As of September 2014, True Detective is now available from Netflix — but not on the streaming service. The series is available to rent on the DVD service from Netflix but you’d better start reserving your copy now. The show is one of the most popular shows of the year and Netflix only has so many copies of the show to send out. So far the service hasn’t run out of copies to send but never doubt the power or popularity of True Detective.

You can reserve and request your copy of True Detective right here, or try a free trial of Netflix to see the show and get caught up on the action.