Will True Detective Ever Reach Breaking Bad Status?


True Detective was one of the biggest hit shows og the year as it blew away fans and critics with it’s deep main characters, superb writing and amazing direction. But as good as the show was, it still didn’t take home any Emmy awards in the major Drama categories thanks to Breaking Bad.

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Breaking Bad wasn’t just the Best Drama of the year, it’s one of the best television shows to have ever aired and the loyal following the show has is unreal. Just like shows such as The X-Files, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones and others, Breaking Bad’s following lives, sleeps and breathes the series and that’s something that True Detective still doesn’t have.

True Detective is getting close though, as the series is building its following as the show continues find viewers in new ways. From those who saw it as the episodes aired, to viewers who discovered it afterwords on HBO Go or on Netflix, True Detective is building its following but it’s nowhere near Breaking Bad status.

So will True Detective ever reach that level? The quality of the show certainly seems to suggest as much but only time will tell. With there being a long lull in between seasons, fans are getting antsy and new fans are joining in, creating a hungry audience that is devouring and digging into the only available season like rabid Breaking Bad fanatics do for their series.