Is Matthew McConaughey Reprising True Detective Role?


On Thursday, the social media universe was abuzz about Matthew McConaughey and his role on True Detective. The hype ended up being about a new Lincoln ad that McConaughey has done and apparently channeled Rust Cohle to do so. It wasn’t Rust for sure that McConaughey was using but it’s something dangerously close.

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This ad and the reaction to it says a number of things. For starters — Lincoln still makes cars that can be sold by celebrity A-listers? But the most important question is does McConaughey really channel Rust Cohle in the ad?

You can check out the ad below and judge for yourself:

It’s up for debate what role he’s playing, but the bottom line is if you heard this week that McConaughey is reprising his role on True Detective, then you’ve been grossly misinformed.

But it’s very possible that the inspiration for the ad and McConaughey’s mannerisms indeed came from Rust Cohle on True Detective. It could also just be that there was a lot more McConaughey in Rust than there was Rust in McConaughey — or something like that — and this ad just shows that the actor was indeed born to play the role of Rust Cohle.