When Will True Detective Season 2 Footage Leak?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is coming down soon, but production on the series hasn’t yet started. In fact, the series hasn’t even announced its cast yet which is something that fans are still rolling their eyes about.

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It’s not that the show has much mystery about who will be in the main roles as that information has been leaked. But fans are wondering when something else from the show will leak — footage from the set, of the set or around the set of the new season.

That’s hard to say when we will see footage from the show but there will no doubt be some sort of leak during production. In this age of Twitter, social media and digital photography, the chances that there is a leak from the True Detective set are rather high. We’ve seen it even on big budget projects like Game of Thrones and the upcoming Star Wars film, so True Detective will be no anomaly to the set leak phenomenon.

Fans won’t mind that though, as there has been nothing but stale crumbs from the network when it comes to information about the show, and set leaks are going to spice things up at the best moment possible.