True Detective: Is Justin Lin the right choice for director?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is right around the corner and on Friday we heard that a new director may have been chosen to help with the new episodes.

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Unlike the first season, more than one director is going to be working on the season and Justin Lin might be one of them. It’s unclear how many episodes he will be directing, but it is starting to sound like the first director for the new episodes has been found.

But now that Lin might be in the fold, the ultimate question of if he’s right for the series or not is being raised. He’s an action director, but that’s not what True Detective has been and won’t be what it will follow. However, Lin has showed his artistry at times in his career and his stroke is broad.

That’s good news for True Detective as the series may get a breath of fresh air that will give it the separate identity it needs. Season one was great, but the second season can’t be derivative of what we saw. Lin may only be directing a few episodes but he will no doubt help the series in a good way.