Is True Detective Season 1 streaming on Netflix?


The first season of True Detective gets re-visited on a daily basis by fans of the show, but there are now growing means in which the show can be watched and broaden the reach of the series.

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One of those means is the streaming and DVD service Netflix, which recently secured copies of True Detective to make available to their subscribers. But while the show is indeed available — as pointed out to us by Netflix Life — it will only exist in one home viewing realm and never, ever the other.

True Detective will not be coming to the Netflix Streaming service as the rights belong to HBO and they’re never going sell on the streaming rights. HBO Go is still the official home of True Detective, it’s worth nothing that Amazon Prime has secured HBO shows from the past to fight the network off.

It’s possible that someday Netflix and HBO get into bed with one another but the threat the networks pose to each other is just too great for a partnership to be formed. That’s bad news for anyone hoping to get True Detective on Netflix Streaming but at least it’s available to be rented on some service from Netflix.