True Detective Season 2 Cast Still Very Fluid


The second season of the hit HBO show True Detective is slated to start production this month but there are a few things holding that up. The rumor that Fast and Furious director Justin Lin is in talks to direct some episodes of the show is encouraging but the fact that the cast hasn’t been announced isn’t.

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Furthermore, the report that Elisabeth Moss might be out of True Detective in favor of Rachel McAdams is even less encouraging from the standpoint of just starting production on something.

But while the Moss-McAdams battle is now raging, the question fans may rightfully have is who else from the rumored cast could be on the outs. So far Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn are the other rumored leads but word that McAdams might be in and Moss might be out has fans racing to conclusions.

If that conclusion is that nothing is set and everything is still extremely fluid, then you’re thinking clearly. The fact of the matter is, until we hear something official from HBO or one of the reps of the actors being rumored in the series, nothing is set in stone. Things are hardly written in sand as it stands now, which means HBO still controls all the information we thought we knew.