Will T Bone Burnett Return for True Detective’s Second Season?


T Bone Burnett’s score that accompanied the first season of True Detective is as much as a part of the show as the characters’ themselves. The music adds an extra layer of depth and is used subtly for maximum impact. From a series that had so many perfectly moving parts, the fact that the score stands above is truly a mark of excellence.

The second season is set to change almost every detail of the first, which leaves even something like the music in flux. It might have originally been thought that it was a given for Burnett to return for the second season, but that’s not how things have worked out.

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If every aspect of the first season it set to change, it’s at least a safe bet the music will change as well. Burnett excels with folk, blues, and southern tones. That type of sound, even if they were sometimes just building blocks, fit the southern setting like a glove.

With season two taking place in California, perhaps a different sound is required. On the other hand, it would be nice to have something tie the series together, and music is capable of doing that. If Burnett does step down, perhaps he’ll stay involved on an advisory position, not unlike director Cary Fukunaga’s change to Producer.

How do you feel about True Detective’s music? It’s also worth noting that the soundtrack to the first season has still not been released.