How many episodes will Justin Lin direct of True Detective?


Fans of the hit HBO series True Detective have been wondering just what is going on behind the scenes as the cast has yet to be announced and the series hasn’t started production yet.

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But we all may have been given our first major break with news as it was reported on Friday that Fast and Furious director Justin Lin is in talks to jump on for a few episodes of the new season of True Detective. But the question just how many episodes of the series can we expect Lin to direct?

right now, we don’t know the answer to that question because Lin isn’t even really officially on the show yet. But if he comes on, we do know one thing is certain — he won’t direct the entire season of the show. That was something that HBO put into place before Lin was even considered, so that’s out the window right away.

The safe bet would be Lin directs between 2-3 episodes of the series, especially if there is a specific arc within the story being told. There’s no sure-fire way to know how many episode he’ll be directing but his involvement must mean that the start of production is right around the corner.