Not Having One True Detective Director Will Be A Mistake


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is coming soon, and production is set to start up this month. But while Justin Lin has been heavily rumored as one of the directors of the show, there will be more who come in and take over the episodes Lin won’t be in charge of.

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Simply put — that’s stupid and it’s a dire mistake.

There are shows that thrive on having more than one director, as Game of Thrones stands as an example of this. But the charm of the first season of True Detective was that Cary Fukunaga was in charge and the show was a shared vision of director and writer. This next season will be all writer and secondarily director — which may be what Nic Pizzolatto is shooting for.

Not having one singular director will be a mistake for True Detective as the vision of the show could get to be all over the map. The first season was like an eight-episode movie and that’s something that was helped by Fukunaga being the only man in charge.

This puts all of the pressure on Pizzolatto as he’ll have talented directors at his disposal but will the show have the same impact it did with multiple directors that it did with just one?